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The Metroplex Foot and Ankle, LLP

Podiatrists located in Richardson, Wadley Tower, Dallas and Garland, TX

Welcome to Our Practice

The Metroplex Foot and Ankle, LLP, specialists provide exceptional podiatry services to everyone in Dallas, Garland, and Richardson, Texas. They dedicate time and compassion to helping people achieve peak health. Their patients spend more time doing their activities with the people they love, thanks to their many services.

The team treats some of the most common foot concerns, such as ankle sprains, bunions, and ingrown toenails. Their services help maintain clean feet while alleviating painful symptoms. Additionally, they can swiftly locate the source of unknown foot pain, which may be caused by heel pain, neuromas, or hammertoes.

The foot contains many small bones surrounded by small tendons and ligaments. Metroplex Foot and Ankle, LLP offers various procedures should these structures move out of place. Their podiatrists can supply excellent fracture care with nonsurgical and surgical options, like foot surgery.

The team’s dedication to quality foot care helps treat and manage stubborn infections, such as warts and athlete’s foot. They also provide essential diabetic care to prevent foot complications from diabetes.

Call the board-certified podiatrist teams in Dallas, Garland, or Richardson, Texas, to schedule a reservation or book online through the reservation system.