Everything You Need to Know About Ankle Arthroscopy from Your Dallas Foot Surgeons

What is Ankle Arthroscopy?

Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure executed with a fiber optic camera and small surgical tools. With those tools, the podiatrist will make a few small incisions in and around the ankle, the location depending on the reason for surgery, and use the fiber optic camera to actually see their operations inside of your ankle.
In most cases, general anesthesia will be necessary, but there are times when just a local anesthetic to numb the ankle and surrounding areas will be used. Other than the general risk of anesthesia, compared to alternative surgical treatments, ankle arthroscopy is much safer. Not only is there a speedier recovery, due to the smaller incisions, your hospital stay will be shorter, and there will be less scarring and pain after the procedure is finished.

When is Ankle Arthroscopy Necessary?

Here are some situations where ankle arthroscopy might be the best choice for treatment:

General Ankle Pain

This procedure is often used to allow a foot doctor to explore the root of your ankle pain. The arthroscopy will give the chance to confirm or deny a diagnosis.

Ligament Tears

A tear in the one of the several ligaments that allow your ankle to move can be repaired during an arthroscopy.

Ankle Impingement

Over time, the tissues in your ankle can become swollen and sore from overuse, making it more difficult and painful to move the joint. During an arthroscopy, a podiatrist can remove the damaged tissues to relieve ankle pain.

Scar Tissue

After injuring the ankle, scar tissue can form in the joint. A foot doctor can eliminate the scar tissue from the ankle during the procedure.


If you suffer from arthritis, an arthroscopy may be the solution to your problem; the surgery can be used to help lessen ankle pain and improve joint mobility.

Injuries to Cartilage

A podiatrist can utilize this operation to repair or diagnose injuries to the cartilage in your ankles.

Loose Fragments

After injury to the ankle, there may be loose pieces of bone or cartilage floating around inside the ankle that can cause the joint to lose flexibility and cause pain. During arthroscopy, these fragments can be extracted.
If you think ankle arthroscopy could be right for you, contact the Dallas foot surgeonsĀ at Metroplex Foot and Ankle for more information or to request an appointment today.

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