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Running, jumping, hiking, dancing or walking in sky-high heels—they’re just a few of the ways people twist their ankles. Many of us have injured an ankle at one time or another and experienced the swelling, pain and stiffness that go hand-in-hand with it.

Most of the time, tried-and-true home remedies for ankle sprain treatment reduce pain, bruising and swelling. Staying off it, elevating the ankle above the heart, applying ice and wrapping it may be enough to allow the sprain to heal. But sometimes an ankle sprain isn’t a minor injury.

When the ankle rolls in one direction and the foot turns in the opposite direction, ligaments on the outside or inside of the ankle can stretch and tear. If you hear a pop or snap, or feel something tear in your ankle, that’s when ankle sprain treatment is best left to a physician. The podiatrists at Metroplex Foot & Ankle offer expert ankle sprain treatment in Dallas, Richardson and Garland.

Our doctors will carefully evaluate your ankle to properly diagnose your sprain and determine which of the three ligaments in your ankle is injured.

  • Anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) that connects the talus to the fibula on the outside of the ankle.
  • Calcaneal fibular ligament (CFL) that connects the fibula to the calcaneus.
  • Posterior talofibular ligament (PTFL) that runs along the back of the ankle and which is not commonly torn.

Fortunately, ankle sprain treatment rarely requires surgery. Our physicians will recommend the right treatment options—including physical therapy or temporary bracing, if necessary—to ensure the sprain heals properly. If an ankle sprain does not heal right, the joint may become unstable and you could experience chronic pain. The ankle can remain weak and vulnerable to additional injuries. Before you return to sports or other activities, first visit one of the ankle sprain treatment Richardson, Dallas or Garland podiatrists with Metroplex Foot and Ankle. If they determine the damage in your ankle is severe and can’t be resolved with other treatment, surgery may be necessary to repair a torn ligament.

Protect your ankles and mobility.

When you need ankle sprain treatment, Richardson, Dallas and Garland podiatrists with Metroplex Foot and Ankle are dedicated to one mission—helping you stay mobile, active and pain-free! We’ll thoroughly examine your ankle, conduct any tests that may be necessary, and determine the root cause of your pain.

Trust our caring, board-certified podiatrists.

As board-certified specialists in podiatry, our experts in ankle sprain treatment in Dallas, Richardson and Garland are highly trained, experienced and compassionate advocates for your well-being. Depending on your condition, we may prescribe rest, ice, compression, or physical therapy. You can always be assured that you’ll receive personalized care designed to get you back to doing all the things you love—whether it’s walking in the park, running a 5K, dancing at your child’s wedding, making a jump shot or showing off some strappy new high heels.

Let us help you live pain-free!

If you need ankle sprain treatment, trust Metroplex Foot and Ankle for great care. Visit one of our convenient locations for exceptional ankle sprain treatment in Dallas, Richardson and Garland.

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