Back to School Sprain Information from Your Richardson Ankle Sprain Specialist

It’s that time again—time to go back to school! You know what that means for you and your kids. Learning math, science, history, reading and more. However, it also means jungle gyms, sports, PE class, dancing, cheerleading and all kinds of interactive, physical activity with friends and family. Unfortunately, this physical activity sometimes brings injury along with it, and often it comes in the form of an ankle sprain. Have no fear! Metroplex Foot and Ankle’s Dallas, Garland and Richardson ankle sprain specialists have all you need to know about ankle sprains and how to deal with them when they happen.
Ankle sprains are common injuries that affect many people while doing several different activities. An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments of the ankle are torn. The most common ankle sprain happens on the lateral or outside part of the ankle. They can happen in the setting of an ankle fracture or in isolation. Ankle sprain patients will often report pain after twisting an ankle, when the foot rolls underneath the ankle or leg. There will be pain on the outside of their ankle and bruising.
You should seek help for an ankle sprain if you feel pain on the outside of your ankle and have tenderness and swelling with an ankle inversion. An X-ray will tell if your ankle ligaments have been torn or sprained. Ankle sprains can heal without surgery, but the severity of the sprain will decide the treatment. Our Dallas, Garland and Richardson ankle sprain specialists will know just what kind of treatment you need to heal the fastest.
Treatment for the first two to three days usually consists of resting the ankle, icing it for twenty minutes every few hours, using an ACE bandage and elevating the leg and ankle so that the toes are above the patient’s nose. If the patient cannot bear any weight, it is best to wear a removable walking boot. Physical therapy is also beneficial to strengthen the muscles around the ankle.
Recovery time also depends on the severity of the ankle sprain. With minor sprains, people can resume physical activity within several days. With more severe sprains, recovery time can take up to several weeks. Metroplex Foot and Ankle’s Dallas, Garland and Richardson ankle sprain specialists can tell you how long you should expect it to take for your ankle to heal.
If someone in your family is faced with an ankle sprain after a rough recess at school or an accident while kicking around the soccer ball, contact the Dallas, Garland and Richardson ankle sprain specialists of Metroplex Foot and Ankle and request an appointment with one of our podiatrists. With three different office locations, we can have your child up and running again in no time.

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