Bunion Surgery: What to Expect

If You Have a Severe Bunion Deformity Then You May Need Surgery
If your bunion deformity is too severe then surgery maybe the next step in your treatment. As with many surgeries, there are many different ways to go about correcting the problem. The most common surgery will be performed around the big toe joint. The part that sticks out from the side of your toe will be removed and may be surgically fractured for proper realignment and straightening of the big toe. With this surgery, patients are usually able to walk right after the procedure. After surgery, the doctors as Metroplex Foot and Ankle will suggest that your activity be altered so that proper healing can take place.
Depending on your job description you may be asked to stay at home with your foot propped up above your heart as much as possible for one to six weeks. There is no specific time for healing — it depends on your physiological principals and what you do to speed up the healing time. Taking vitamins and nutrients can help with healing, and it is also good for overall health.
What Happens During the Surgery?
When the surgery takes place, if the severity is greater than anticipated, the procedure may take place further back on the bone so that it can be properly corrected. When the bone is cut and moved back into the correct position, there is greater instability. Our doctors normally require the patient to wear a below-the-knee cast and use crutches for three to eight weeks. If you smoke, the time to heal is greatly prolonged. For nonsmokers, the recovery time is about six to eight weeks for the bone to heal.
Our patients here at Metroplex Foot and Ankle have an overall high success rate and satisfaction. Pain is minimal following the surgery and many people do not experience any pain at all. If you do experience pain, it is easily managed by pain medication prescribed by the doctor. At Metroplex Foot and Ankle, we take time to explain everything so that you can get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.
Metroplex Foot and Ankle is the place to be if surgery is the next for you and has a solution for you and to get you out of pain as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment today!
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