When to Buy New Shoes, Explained By Your Richardson Foot Doctors

One extremely common mistake made by walkers, runners, and other athletes alike is failing to recognize when their shoes have been worn out. Wearing old shoes can cause serious damage to your feet. After repeatedly absorbing the shock of step after step through worn out soles, the chance for chronic foot pain increases greatly. The Richardson foot doctors at Metroplex Foot & Ankle offer up this helpful information in order to help you keep your feet and ankles healthy.

When to Replace Your Shoes

The 300 Mile Rule
Typical athletic shoes are designed and built to last around 300 miles, occasionally up to 500. The more you weigh and the more often you spend time in your shoes causes that window to shrink significantly. But for certain, never wear your shoes for longer than 500 miles.
If you walk three times a week for about 30-45 minutes each time, you should buy new shoes every 5-6 months. Four times a week, every four months. Five times a week? Every 3 months.
New Shoes and New Cars
The second a new car leaves the dealership parking lot, it’s value drops enormously. Shoes work in a similar fashion. Even when they are still sitting on the store shelf, they are aging. The glue that holds the materials together is drying and it is even possible the air pockets in the cushioning are leaking. When shopping for new shoes, be aware that those on sale have aged much more than the brand new ones.
Extending the Life of Your Shoes
After your walk, jog, or run, place your shoes somewhere where they are exposed to the air. If they are left in a gym bag, moisture left over from your feet provides a nice new home for bacteria which help break down your shoes faster.
Old Shoes Cause Lots of Problems
When you exercise in old, worn out shoes, you run the risk of developing the following:

  • Shin splints
  • Heel spurs
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Stress fractures

If you think you may have injured your feet or ankles as a result of wearing dead shoes, contact the Richardson foot doctors at Metroplex Foot and Ankle today.

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