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They absorb tons of pressure and stress every time you take a step, run or jump. Over time, the constant pounding on hard surfaces can take a toll on your heels—damaging tissue and making it uncomfortable to walk or be active. If you suffer from heel pain, Dallas and Richardson podiatrists with Metroplex Foot and Ankle can get you back on your feet again. While there are many heel pain causes, our physicians will pinpoint the precise cause of yours. Most pain occurs beneath the heel or behind the heel.

Beneath the heel pain causes are often related to:

BRUISING – an injury to the fat pad located on the underside of your heel that can happen when you step on a stone or other hard object.

HEEL SPUR – a calcium deposit that forms on the fascia tissue connecting to the heel bone when plantar fasciitis is left untreated or goes on too long.

FRACTURE – a broken heel bone caused by landing too hard on the heel during a fall or other trauma.

Behind the heel pain causes are most often related to:

INFLAMED ACHILLES TENDON –over time, running or wearing shoes that cut into the back of the heel can cause the skin on the back of the heel to thicken and swell. A swollen and painful bump may develop—making it too uncomfortable to wear normal shoes.


Protect your feet and mobility.

Whatever the cause of your heel pain, Richardson and Dallas podiatrists with Metroplex Foot and Ankle are dedicated to one mission — helping you stay mobile, active and pain-free! We’ll thoroughly examine your foot, conduct any tests that may be necessary, and determine the root cause of your heel pain.

Trust our caring, board-certified podiatrists.

As board-certified specialists in podiatry, our physicians are highly trained, experienced and compassionate advocates for your wellbeing. Depending on your condition, we may prescribe rest, stretching exercises, medications, special foot pads or surgical treatment to alleviate your heel pain. You can always be assured that you’ll receive personalized care designed to get you back to doing all the things you love—whether it’s walking in the park, running a 5K, dancing at your child’s wedding, making a jump shot or showing off some strappy new high heels.

Let us help you live pain-free!

If you are experiencing heel pain in Dallas or heel pain in Richardson, trust Metroplex Foot and Ankle for great care. Visit one of our convenient locations for exceptional treatment of heel pain in Richardson, Dallas or Garland. Schedule a consultation at the Metroplex Foot and Ankle office near you.

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