Hinder Your Holiday High Heels from Hurting: Tips from Your Richardson Ankle Specialists

The Holidays are in full swing, which means it is time to pull out those strappy heels and pointed pumps for all of your winter events. While high heels might make you look great and feel confident, “beauty is pain” is a true statement when it comes to this popular type of shoe. Ankle sprains are common injuries that can often be the result of a high heel outfit gone badly.
High-heeled shoes are a popular fashion choice among women, however, there are several common injuries associated with them, ankle sprains and fractures being at the top of the list. High heels can more easily twist the foot or ankle than other shoes. The higher the heel, the more of your body weight gets pushed forward, causing you to lean backward. When you lean back, more of your lower leg muscle is used to keep your balance, causing you to become unstable on your feet.
If you lose balance while wearing high heels, a twisting injury can easily cause an ankle sprain, which can be a serious injury that lasts a long time, maybe even causing a broken bone in the foot or ankle.
When wearing high heels for an event, it is important to take precaution and avoid an injury that will result in long-term pain and regret over one day’s outfit choice. Use the following tips from your Dallas, Garland and Richardson ankle sprain specialists to increase your stability when wearing high heels.

    • Exercise your lower leg muscles to improve your balance. Some workouts you can try include ankle circles, shin raises and a single-leg balance.
    • Try wearing heels that are lower and will allow you to feel more comfortable on your feet.
    • Consider wearing heels with a wider sole to increase your balance.
    • Practice walking in your heels to prepare yourself for wearing them for a longer period of time and build your stability.
    • Be aware of the crowd you find yourself in and try to keep a clear path when walking through and around several people.

If your high-heeled venture does end up leaving you injured, the Dallas, Garland and Richardson ankle sprain specialists at Metroplex Foot & Ankle are here to help you. Contact us to make an appointment. We will assess your injury and find the best treatment option for you. For more information on ankle sprains, watch the video below.

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