6 Tips for Taking Care of Runner’s Feet From the Leading Podiatrist in Dallas

As a runner, how much time do you spend tending to your feet? Most runners spend more time caring for knees and hamstrings than they do feet, but caring for your feet is essential to keep you in the race. Your feet are the only point of contact between your body and the ground, if you don’t take care of them properly, you risk injury that could keep you sidelined from doing what you love.
Here are 6 tips for caring for your feet from the leading podiatrist in Dallas, Metroplex Foot & Ankle:

1. Get the right gear.

Start with a stop into a specialty running shoe store, such as Luke’s Locker or Endurance House to ensure you’re buying the right shoe with the proper fit for your shoes. An associate at a running shoe store will examine your gait and arch to find the shoe that provides the best support for your foot and running style. Socks are also important for runners. Quality socks keep your feet dry and in position, rather than allowing them to slide around in your shoes. Be sure your socks aren’t too tight, as this can lead to ingrown toenails.

2. Take care of blisters.

Wearing the right shoes and socks can help prevent blisters, but inevitably, all runners get blisters from time to time. Taking care of your blisters the right way will help them heal quickly so you can get back to running (comfortably) ASAP. Resist the urge to pop blisters as doing so can cause an infection. Clean the area well and put a gauze pad on it to help decrease pressure on the blister. If the blister does pop, do not remove the skin, as it helps keep dirt out of the blister and protects the new skin underneath.

3. Rest, message and ice your feet.

After a long run, elevate your feet to help drain excess blood and fluid from the feet and legs. Gently massage your feet and legs to help reduce tenderness and try an ice bath or soak to reduce muscle soreness and help keep your performance level at top notch.

4. Keep toenails trimmed.

Toenails that are too long or too short can be a problem. As your podiatrist in Dallas what length is the right length for your toenails and keep them trimmed accordingly. If your toenails are too long, shoes will press on the ends of them, which can cause inflammation around the nail bed and may lead to ingrown toenails.

5. Practice safe running.

Not all accidents can be avoided, but running with the right shoes and on safe surfaces can help prevent foot and ankle injuries, such as ankle sprains. Be sure the shoes you purchase are designed for your running surface (roads, trails, tracks, etc.)

6. Visit your podiatrist.

Pedicures are a nice luxury, but a medical pedicure is essential to ensure the long-term health of your feet as a runner. Contact the leading podiatrist in Dallas, Richardson, and Garland, Metroplex Foot & Ankle, today to learn more and to schedule an appointment.

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