Got Bunions? Learn How Our Richardson Bunion Correction Surgeons Can Help You

Bunions are enlargements of the bone or tissue around a joint at the base of the big toe or little toe and occur often in women who are likely to wear tight, pointed and bounding shoes. Bunions can also be inherited through family or result from arthritis affecting the big toe joint.
If initial, non-surgical treatment of bunions fails, you will want to contact our Richardson bunion correction surgeons and make an appointment. The purpose of bunion correction surgery is to relieve pain and correct deformities.
The type of surgery performed will depend on your age, general health, level of activity and bone condition. For mild bunion correction surgery, an enlarged portion of the bone may be removed and the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the joint realigned.
For moderate bunion correction surgery, the bone may be cut and shifted to its proper position. Whether or not the bone gets cut will depend on the severity and location of the deformity. The surrounding tendons and ligaments may need to be repositioned as well.
For a severe bunion, surgery could mean removing the enlarged part of the bone, cutting and realigning the bone, and correcting the position of the tendons and ligaments. If you have a joint that is damaged beyond repair, often due to arthritis, it may need to be reconstructed or replaced with an artificial joint.
If you have severe foot pain when you walk, even when wearing flat and comfortable shoes, you might be a candidate for bunion correction surgery. If rest or medication does not reduce swelling and inflammation, you might also consider bunion correction surgery. Toe deformity, a big toe that drifts toward the small toe and an inability to bend and straighten the big toe are more reasons to undergo a bunion correction surgery.
If you are experiencing symptoms of irritation around the big toe, displacement of the big toe, joint pain or skin irritation, make an appointment with our Richardson bunion correction specialists. We will assess the severity of your bunion and discuss the best treatment options for you.

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