Surgical Corrections of Soft Corns

What is a Soft Corn?
A soft corn occurs between the fourth and fifth toe. Part of the bone in the fifth toe presses against the base bone in the fourth toe and causes the skin to be excessively pinched. Since there is moisture between the toes, the “corn” is soft and white in appearance. Ulcerations can occur and get infected.
What Happens During the Surgery?
Starting with the fifth toe, an incision will be cut on the top to allow the ligaments to be released and allow exposure of the head of the bone. This bone is called the proximal phalanx. The head of the proximal phalanx will be removed. At this point, if the toe is curled or contracted, this procedure should allow the toe to be released. Sometimes the skin in between the toes is too damaged and simply correcting the bone problem will not cure the soft corn issue. The damaged skin will need to be removed with a procedure called syndactylism. In this case, the fourth and fifth toe will need to be sewn together, but don’t worry, you will not experience any loss of foot function. This is more of a cosmetic procedure so that the toes will look good, rather than damaged skin being exposed.
What to Expect after Surgery
The podiatrist in Garland TX at Metroplex Foot & Ankle recommend staying off of your feet and keeping them elevated above your heart for at least three days. For the next two to three weeks, you should limit your activity to allow proper healing. After about 10–14 days, the stitches will be removed. Keeping the foot dry will reduce the risk of infection. When you are ready to walk, a postoperative shoe needs to be worn to accommodate the bandage. If you do not wear this shoe, you will be risking the bandage coming off, which could cause excess movement of the incision. Swelling can also occur that may affect healing time and possible infection.
When the stitches are removed, you can go back to your regular bathing routine. Walking barefoot is still not recommended for about three weeks, and the postoperative shoe should be worn until the patient can wear normal shoes comfortably.
If you think you may be suffering from a soft corn, schedule an appointment with your podiatrist in Garland TX and begin your road to recovery.
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