Want to Prevent Heel Pain? Wear Your Flip-Flops Responsibly.

When it’s warm outside and you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to slip on your favorite pair of flip-flops and be on your way. They are comfortable and avoid the hassle of a shoe you have to lace up or buckle. Take it from your Richardson heel pain specialists, flip-flops can eventually cause you more stress if not worn in moderation.
Flip-flops are good to wear for a quick trip to the grocery store or while walking around the pool, but they do not have enough arch support to stabilize your foot if you are walking long distances. They also lack heel cushioning, or shock support. Walking in flip-flops can create heel pain due to this lack of support. Open-backed flip-flops promote heel pain by forcing the back of the foot to rise off of the shoe with every step. If you are wearing plastic flip-flops, you are also more susceptible to blisters.
Flip-flops will cause heel pain on the bottom of one’s heel if not worn responsibly and will lead to plantar fasciitis. Wearing flip-flops for long periods of time can also cause heel spurs and even alter your walk. Heel pain can be sharp and throb once you are off your feet. The pain can even spread up the back of your leg and into the arch of your foot. Heel pain tends to be worse in the mornings or when standing up after sitting for a while.
If you do choose to wear flip-flops, we recommend to try to wear ones with arch support. If not, keep the flip-flopping to a minimum!
If your trusty pair of flip-flops turn on you, the Richardson heel pain specialists of Metroplex Foot and Ankle are ready and willing to help you with your heel pain if it becomes a problem. Contact us to make an appointment at one of our Richardson, Garland or Plano locations and find out the best treatment options for you.

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