The Common Use of Screws in Foot Surgery

Why Does the Podiatrist in Richardson TX Want to Put Screws in My Foot?
Using screws to secure bones together is a common technique used during foot surgery. Screws are meant to hold two or more bones together or fragments of bones together. Think of this the same way you would when you screw two pieces of wood together. Primary bone healing will take place when the bones are compressed together. The use of screws allows the patient to be able to walk and as well as experience other weight bearing activities after surgery. The screws allow your foot and ankle to regain strength after a fracture has occurred.
While the mechanics of using screws in your foot and screwing two pieces of wood together are the same, the screws are made completely different. Surgical screws are made of titanium or a high-grade surgical stainless steel. The sizes can span across 1.5 mm to 7.3mm depending on the type of fracture.
Some people have misconceptions about the use of screws in the body. The screws do not set off metal detectors because they are non-magnetic. If you ever need to have an MRI test then you have nothing to worry about because they are safe for MRI machines.
The screws usually do not need to be removed, but in some cases, they can be removed. The screws should be removed if they become lose and cause irritation, but for the most part the screws are safe to stay in your foot.
If the doctor plans to use screws during your procedure then you should inform him/her if you have any allergy to jewelry or metals. Some screws contain nickel, which some people have an allergic reaction to. A simple allergy patch test will need to be performed to see if you are allergic to any of the metals used in the screws.
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