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Fracture Care

Fracture Care

Fracture Care services offered in Richardson, Wadley Tower, Dallas and Garland, TX

Fractures that affect the foot and ankle need expert care. The experienced podiatrists at Metroplex Foot and Ankle, LLP, with offices in Richardson, Garland, and Dallas, Texas, provide individualized treatment for all types of foot and ankle fractures. Call the office nearest you today or request an appointment online to get your fracture evaluated. 

Fracture Care Q&A

Who benefits from fracture care?

A fracture is a broken bone, and any of the 26 bones in your foot can sustain a fracture. The ankle consists of three bones, any of which can also suffer a break. 

Fractures vary in severity. Sometimes a bone shatters into multiple pieces, while other times a fracture is a subtle hairline crack (stress fracture). The team at Metroplex Foot and Ankle, LLP has extensive experience treating all types of fractures, including common ankle fractures, toe fractures, and fifth metatarsal fractures. 

What are the signs and symptoms of foot and ankle fractures?

When you sustain a fracture, you usually experience intense pain immediately and have trouble putting weight on the affected bone. Stress fractures are an exception; pain develops gradually over time because of overuse. 

Swelling, bruising, and tenderness to the touch are other signs of a fracture. In severe fractures, you may notice a deformity at the joint. 

What are the common types of fractures?

While any bone in your foot and ankle can be fractured, some of the most common the team at Metroplex Foot and Ankle, LLP treats are:

Fifth metatarsal fracture

The fifth metatarsal is the bone that connects your ankle to your little toe. These fractures happen because of injury, high arches, or overuse. Treatment involves a boot, casting, or surgery. Ice and rest help with recovery. 

Ankle fracture

You may experience an ankle fracture from twisting, impact, or crushing injuries. Falling, tripping, or a sports tackle are often responsible. You may break one bone or fracture several of the bones in the ankle, in which case you’ll likely need surgery to recover. Depending on the severity of the break, an ankle fracture can take several months to heal. 

Toe fractures

Toe fractures can happen if you drop something on a toe or stub it aggressively. Treatment often involves taping the injured toe to the one next to it. If the fracture is severe, casting or surgery may be required. Most broken toes heal in four to six weeks. 

If you think you may have a foot, toe, or ankle fracture, contact Metroplex Foot and Ankle, LLP today. Call one of the offices or use this website to book an appointment.