How to Stop Foot Pain? Ask Your Mesquite Foot Doctor

Why Do My Feet Hurt?

The human foot is an amazing feat (pun not intended) of nature with a complex structure made of 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments.
Without it, we would be unable to run, walk, play, kick, or wear shoes. Unfortunately, when we do not treat our feet with the respect they deserve, severe and ongoing foot pain can prevent us from accomplishing many of these tasks and activities we take for granted.
Here are some of the most common types of foot pain and what you can do to stop that foot pain. If you think you may be suffering from any of the following, call your Mesquite foot doctor at Metroplex and Foot Ankle today, we are dedicated to providing our patients with high-quality foot care.

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Why Does My Heel Hurt?

Your heels work hard every day, absorbing tons of pressure and stress with each step you take. Eventually, this never-ending assault can take a toll on our heels, damaging tissue so severely that walking becomes uncomfortable or almost impossible.
Most heel injuries are related to bruising, heel spurs, or fractures. Bruising comes as a result of stepping too hard on hard surfaces like stone or concrete, injuring the fat pad located underneath your foot.
Heel spurs are calcium deposits that form on the tissues connected to the heel bone when plantar fasciitis is left untreated.
A fracture, or broken heel bone, is caused by landing too hard during a fall or other sort of trauma.

What Can I Do About My Heel Pain?

If your heel pain is preventing you from going about your daily life in a normal, comfortable manner, contact us right away. Depending on your condition, we may prescribe rest, stretching exercises, medication, or surgery.

Why Does My Ankle Hurt?

It’s possible you sprained or twisted your ankle while running, jumping, hiking, or dancing. Unfortunately, many people twist their ankles without realizing the damage they’ve done to the joint.
Walking around on an untreated, injured ankle can lead to devastating consequences further down the line that affect your entire body.

What Can I Do About My Ankle Pain?

If you heard a pop or snap, or felt something like a tear, the treatment of your ankle is best left to a trained physician. Depending on the intensity of your injury, we may prescribe rest, ice, compression, physical therapy, or surgery.
Rest assured, your Mesquite foot doctors will have you back on your feet.

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Why Do My Toes Hurt?

If you’re experiencing toe pain, it’s likely hammertoes, corns, or ingrown toenails.
Hammertoes are the contraction of toes due to muscle imbalances between tendons on the top and bottom of the toe. Hammertoes can be rigid or flexible, but when rigid, patients can no longer straighten their toes.
When you lose control of your toes, they rub on the inside of your shoes and corns develop. Corns are thickened, dead patches of skin that make walking quite painful.
Another common type of toe pain are ingrown toenails. If you have ingrown toenails, the edge of your nail plate is penetrating into the soft tissue of your toe, causing painful irritation and often becoming infected down the line.

What Can I Do About My Toe Pain?

Correcting hammertoes, removing corns, and treating ingrown toenails are difficult to do on your own, and you want to avoid worsening your symptoms. Our experienced foot doctors can provide you with the care you need to halt your toe pain.

Your Mesquite Foot Doctors

Do you have any questions about the health of your feet or ankles? Contact your Mesquite foot doctors at Metroplex Foot and Ankle today.

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