Trick-Or-Treat, Support Your Feet! Tips From Your Richardson Heel Pain Specialist On Preventing Heel Pain From Walking

Whether you plan to spend the day frolicking at the fair, or you are getting ready for a fun night of trick-or-treating, you should always think ahead when it comes to protecting your feet from pain. Walking long distances at times like these has a large impact on your feet, and it is not always a positive one.
Your heel is the largest bone in your foot, and overusing or injuring it can cause heel pain that may be mild or disabling. Heel pain has several causes, but all are resulting from the overuse of your heel bone. Walking heavily on hard surfaces and wearing shoes that do not fit properly can strain your heel and cause pain by irritating the bones, muscles or tendons in it.
There are several measures you can take before, during and after your long-distance walking that can prevent heel pain from occurring. Some of these actions include the following:

    • Wearing shoes that fit your feet properly
    • Wearing shoes that support your arches
    • Wearing shoes that are appropriate for physical activity
    • Stretching your muscles before walking long distances
    • Pacing yourself while walking
    • Resting when you feel tired or your muscles are starting to ache

If you do end up developing some heel pain after your big day, there are also some measures you can take before seeing your Richardson heel pain specialist that may help the pain. These healing practices include the following:

      • Resting as much as you can
      • Applying ice to your heel
      • Using some over-the-counter pain reducers
      • Wearing properly-fitting shoes
      • Wearing a night splint to stretch your foot during sleep
      • Using heel lifts or shoe inserts

If these at-home treatments do not reduce your heel pain within two to three weeks, you should contact your Richardson heel pain specialist and make an appointment. You should also contact us if the pain is severe, if the pain is sudden, if you have redness or swelling, or if you cannot walk due to the pain. We will examine your symptoms and provide you with the best treatment for your condition. For more information on heel pain, watch the video below.

Metroplex Foot & Ankle | Heel Pain from Metroplex Foot & Ankle on Vimeo.

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