5 Tips to Prevent Ingrown Toenails from Richardson Ingrown Toenail Specialists

Are your feet ready for the holidays?
When you’re ready to prop your feet up by the fireplace, or put on your favorite peep-toe shoes for a holiday party, don’t let an ingrown toenail hold you back. While ingrown toenails can be unsightly, they can also be very painful.
Here are some tips to help prevent getting an ingrown toenail from the Richardson ingrown toenail specialists at Metroplex Foot and Ankle:

  • Check your feet regularly. Give your toes a quick daily inspection to check for signs of ingrown toenails or other problems. This is especially important if you are diabetic or have nerve damage in your feet and may not feel an ingrown toenail right away.
  • Keep your toenails trimmed. If your toenails are too long or too short, it can cause problems, such as an ingrown toenail. Keep your toenail length even with the tips of your toes.
  • Trim them straight. Next time you trim your toenails, or have a pedicurist trim them for you, be sure to trim them straight across. Trying to curve your toenails to the shape of your toe can lead to an ingrown toenail. If you suffer from poor blood flow to your feet and can’t trim your nails, keep regular appointments with a podiatrist to trim them for you.
  • Be sure your shoes fit right. If your shoes aren’t properly fitted, they can put too much pressure on your toes, pinching them and causing the toenail to grow into surrounding tissue. Be sure your toes have plenty of room in your shoes, and if you aren’t sure about the right fit of your shoes, have your feet fitted by an expert at a shoe store.
  • Protect your feet at work. If you work at a job that puts your feet at risk, always wear protective footwear. Invest in steel-toe boots for the best protection for your toes and feet.

Ingrown toenails can quickly become infected, and if not treated properly, even any small infection in your body can lead to more serious problems. If you have an ingrown toenail, don’t try to treat it on your own. Make an appointment with a podiatrist at Metroplex Foot and Ankle to properly treat your ingrown toenail. To learn more about ingrown toenails from one of our very own podiatrists, watch the video below.

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