Foot Care Routine Tips for Aging Feet

Our bodies change as we age. Typically we make modifications to our lifestyle to accommodate such changes. Adjusting your foot care routine to Foot Care Routinethese changes is necessary to keeping your feet happy and healthy. Here are a few great tips from your Dallas Podiatrist.
As many individuals age, weight gain tends to follow as well. This is most commonly due to a break down in a person’s metabolism as they get older. Excessive weight gain can cause strain on the feet. It is recommended that you maintain a healthy balance of diet and exercise as you age.
The soft cushioning on the balls of your feet can break down as your body ages. Although cortisone shots can sometimes help with the pain associated with this, the injections are more than likely going to cause the padding to atrophy more rapidly. Shoe inserts, known as insoles, can be purchased to alleviate the pain that can sometimes feel as if you are walking on sharp stones.
Patients suffering from arthritis, diabetes or other vascular disorders have a tendency to develop peripheral neuropathy. This is due to poor circulation in one or both feet caused by the mentioned conditions. It is common for these individuals to develop sores or ulcers on their feet which take a substantial amount of time and care to heal properly. Professional treatment is very necessary for these types of wounds.
If you have questions about starting or making changes to your foot care routine, contact one of our offices today. We have locations in Dallas, Richardson, and Garland.

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