Keep Your Summer Feet Happy and Avoid a Flip Flop Injury

Flip flops and summertime are the perfect combo for summer feet. However, they don’t provide much support or protection. Can they be worn safely? Here are a few tips on how to keep your summer feet happy and avoid a flip flop injury!
In the summer time, feet tend to frequently sweat and it is very easy to reach for a pair of flip flops for a break from wearing a shoe that covers the entire foot. However, flip flops pose a great danger to your feet that you may not even realize.
The summer sun can produce very harmful UV rays. While you may have remembered to cover your body and face with protection, the feet are often neglected. The sensitive skin that covers the top of your feet is easily burned and should receive the same amount of attention as the rest of your body.
In addition to sun exposure, with less covering on your feet you are exposing them to bacteria and fungus. Be sure to rinse your summer feet with soap and water after outdoor flip flop use.
Poor Structure
The thin soles of the sandal do not provide much support, if at all. In addition to lackluster cushioning, the thong portion that sits between your toes are synonymous with causing painful blisters and an irregular stride. The structural issues associated with the shoes can cause your feet to suffer from tendonitis, back pain, heel spurs and plantar strain, to name a few.
Choose Your Flip Flops Wisely
Flip flops should be a short term footwear choice. Try wearing them for quick strolls to and from the beach or pool. Choosing a pair with a thicker sole is also the optimal choice. Don’t forget the SPF!
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