Waging War Against Warts on Feet

Nearly a sixth of the nation’s population is currently diagnosed with the human papilloma virus better know as HPV. The virus comes in many different strains, many of which are spread from skin to skin contact with an infected individual through a dermal opening. When it comes to warts on feet or anywhere else for that matter, HPV is always the underlying cause.


Warts on feet can be categorized into two types: periungual warts and subungual warts. It is a common misconception that these terms can be used interchangeably, which is probably due to the fact that both types of warts appear on the feet and have the same treatment methods. However, the difference in name refers to the difference in origin location of the warts. Periungual warts are warts that grow between the toes or around the toenail, while subungual warts grow underneath the toenail.


No matter what types of warts plague your feet; different tiers of treatment options are available. The most accessible form of treatment is the DIY approach with ingredients you may find around the house such as apple cider vinegar or garlic. Treatment with either option calls for the application of the ingredient directly onto the wart then covering the wart with a bandage overnight, then removing the bandage in the morning and cleaning the affected area(s). Be sure to remove the outer layers of the clove of garlic if you decide to use this method. The next tier of treatment for warts on feet involves the application of over-the-counter wart medications specifically designed to remove warts. Many of these medications and creams contain the primary ingredient of salicylic acid.
The final and most drastic tier of treatment is the surgical route. Such surgeries include cryotherapy, which involves utilizing liquid nitrogen to freeze off the wart, or laser therapy, which involves burning off the wart. It is noteworthy that no form of treatment is stronger than prevention, as periungual warts and subungual warts can reoccur.


Preventative measures are quite simple and often come down to practicing good hygiene and health rituals such as:

    • Regularly washing your hands
    • Strengthening your immune system by consuming more Vitamins C and E
    • Wearing protective gloves when coming into contact with people who have contagious diseases
    • Not re-using contaminated hand wear

Warts can be unsightly, but because they are not uncommon, there is hope. If you suffer from severe periungual warts or subungual wart, contact us today about your options, so that we may restore your skin back to the healthy, beautiful look it deserves.

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