What is a Foot and Ankle Surgeon?

What is a Foot and Ankle Surgeon?
When you hear the word “surgeon” you probably picture a man or woman in scrubs who is always in the operation room. Going to a surgeon is considered a last case scenario, when nothing else has relieved the problem. This is where the Dallas, Richardson, and Garland foot and ankle surgeons are different. Foot and ankle surgeons are highly specialized doctors that are prepared to treat medical conditions for the foot, ankle, and lower leg with whatever method is the best fit for the patient. Sometimes the treatment requires surgery, but often there are medicinal or therapeutic treatments that the surgeon recommends instead.
How is a Foot and Ankle Surgeon Different from a Regular Doctor?
Foot and ankle surgeons
have invested additional time above and beyond their general physician training in order to specialize in the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They are required to understand the entire body so that they can effectively treat the lower extremities. Your foot and ankle surgeon has been trained to take your full health history into account when choosing the best treatment for your condition. This knowledge is vital for a specialist since many conditions are tied to health issues that affect the entire body. Like all surgeons, these specialists go through a residency program. Foot and ankle residency programs typically last for at least three years.
After becoming experts in the field, the Dallas, Richardson, and Garland foot and ankle surgeons at Metroplex Foot and Ankle have shown their support for lower extremity education by sharing their knowledge with family practice and podiatry residents. Metroplex Foot and Ankle surgeons have published articles, given lectures, acted as clinical instructors, and continue to participate in podiatric medical associations. If you want to learn more, check out the video below from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, a professional society with more than 7,000 members.

Metroplex Foot and Ankle is a progressive group of physicians and surgeons who are committed to helping our patients to achieve their full wellness potential. Contact our Dallas, Richardson, or Garland office to schedule an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon today.

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