What is Calf Muscle Stretching?

What is Calf Muscle Stretching?
Excessive tightening of the calf muscles can cause many foot and knee conditions. The Achilles tendon attaches to the calf muscle and as this muscle tightens, it limits the movement of the ankle joint. Foot joints are forced to move abnormally during walking or exercising when there is not an adequate range of motion in the ankle joint. When the foot is forced to flatten during walking or exercising, the ball of the foot receives extreme amounts of pressure and over time, this repeated strain on the ball of the foot can lead to a variety of foot conditions. Tightening of the calf muscle naturally occurs as we age and can also be the result of exercise.
Calf muscle stretching is very useful in the treatment and prevention of many foot disorders. In order to relieve some of your muscle tightening your Podiatrist may suggest a typical runners stretch. In this stretch you will stand an arm’s length away from a wall and place one foot behind the other, slowly bending the front leg forward while keeping the back leg straight.  Hold your back straight and your hips forward for about 30 seconds and then switch. Alternatively, you can also sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Lean forward and grab the top of your feet pulling your toes towards your body until a stretch is felt in the calf. If this is too painful you can also loop a rope or other exercise chord around the ball of your foot, grasping each end of the rope or chord. Flex your foot and pull the rope back towards your body until you feel a stretch. Dallas foot doctors suggest that you always stretch the calf muscle following any type of exercise. Even if you don’t exercise regularly it is good to stretch three times a day. If you feel excessive amounts of pain, or are unable to perform the stretch properly to where you feel the stretch in your calf and not your Achilles, consult a doctor that treats foot and ankle conditions. A foot doctor at Metroplex Foot and Ankle will be happy to go over proper stretching techniques with you during any appointment.
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